Julie Paskal is a womenswear designer. She creates garments with high quality fabrics and clear cut silhouettes. After 2 years, PASKAL was mentioned in a number of the best fashion magazines and recently named as one of the most promising fashion designers of Eastern Europe by Marie Claire (US). Julie Paskal trained as an architect before launched her own brand and focussing on designing womenswear. Paskal is known for a minimalist, exacting aesthetic which owes much to the rigours and precision of innovative architecture and modern cultural processes. Beauty is derived from the garments’ core components and construction. The distinctive detail in PASKAL garments is the designer's use of laser-cutting and precision tailoring. "Generally speaking, I was in maths & physics class at school. Everyone's a physician in my family. But I entered the architectural department, where after 3 years I understood that I was more excited about the stage of visual images and concept creation, than about consistent project elaboration. In fashion design, the route from an idea in your mind to a real product is much shorter, that's why I think I decided to learn tailoring and started to relish it very quickly. Now I can't live without it. I just adore everything from selecting fabrics, sketching to making patterns. I always take part in all the stages of garment production."

Available at Liger Paterson.