Maison Kitsune

Kitsuné was born in 2002 following the meeting between Gildas Loaëc, who was at the time manager and artistic director of the band Daft Punk, and the architect Masaya Kuroki, who switched to fashion design. Very quickly they both decided to set up a business in line with their interests, cleverly bridging music, fashion and design.“Kitsuné is a unique concept of trendy and modern luxury intermingling fashion and music. We have been known for the quality of our choices for more than 10 years now” says Gildas Loaëc.

Redefining "classics" with distinguished clothing for men and women, the Maison Kitsuné lines designed by Masaya, combine the philosophy of tradition with a modern attitude and a Parisian twist. The fresh proportions, structured volumes, and refined material make the collections both timeless and trendy. “In architecture, piers spend more time working on the structures, the foundation and the materials before studying the outlook. This is how I work on the clothing, I’m not looking for proportions which are not too tight or too loose – but just right for today’s environment” explains Masaya Kuroki, “I’m not trying to create something new but to master the standards”.

Special care is given to the quality of the fabrics and the tailoring of the garments – strategic sourcing of factories that still embrace artisan methods for a durable and timeless piece.

Available at Liger Paterson and K11.