Oh My God

About Oh My God Collection

Liger is a fashion trendsetter and contemporary fashion select shop in Hong Kong. The founders, Hilary Tsui and Dorothy Hui would love to share their unique ways of mix & match technique into customer’s daily dressing by importing numerous cool and edgy brands from Europe, US and Asia.

From the founders’ experiences, Liger’s customers and fans are demanding well-designed, stylish and valuable pieces. To share our Liger spirit, the founders established their in-house brand “Oh My God” in 2009.

The brand directors – Hilary Tsui and Dorothy Hui vision “Oh My God” is an every girl must have label that surprises you without a doubt. Simplicity, comfortable fabrics and everyday clothing are the major concept for this affordable brand. The brand emphasizes contemporary designs and wearabilty. Dress wisely and styles confidently are what the girls of between 20s and 40s should do.


A Morning Glory Story of Oh My God

In a morning of 2009, Hilary Tsui came up with an idea of “Oh My God”, a frequently used slang in daily conversation, eventually became the brand name of her clothing collection.

 “Oh My God” – a daily slang used by individuals who are extremely shocked, messed up and madly overwhelmed. “Oh My God” is a muse, something unpredictable mind-blowing, astonishingly shocking and pleasingly surprised. It is a speculating decision to name a common yet subjective slang into a brand name. However, the sequel comes along well. Oh My God borns with a unique characteristic and voguish design from inside out. Receiving your astonishing reactions on Oh My God is what we expected, according to its representative rareness, sophisticated design and the magically wearability. 

Please be ready to be complimented with the below…
“Wow! This item is so stylish”
“Oh My God! You look so chic by dressing in this way…”

Believe it or not, Oh My God is more than just a label; it is like a reflection of a mirror. When you carry our clothes, it comes with positive ambiance. It boosts up your confidence, your personal image and dressing style. From now on, come have a makeover with Oh My God. 

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