Le Specs

The Le Specs brand has been an icon since the mid 1980’s and became synonymous with everything ‘Euro chic’. Taking on the core values and re-interpreting them into a successful formula of fashion-forward pieces at an affordable price, Le Specs was re-launched in 2006 using sixty percent of the original moulds that earned the label its iconic status.

Le Specs’ success is testament to its super sexy styling and its ability to keep up with current trends, at the same time maintaining an aesthetic all of its own. The Le Specs name has garnered a cult following not only as the must-have eyewear accessory adorning the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce, but as a true trendsetter in the Australian and global fashion industry. Teaming up with bold designers and artists, such as henry Holland and Craig & Karl, for collaborations has seen Le Specs continue to push boundaries around design and achieves that ‘air du temps’ so desired in the fashion realm.

Available at Liger Paterson and Liger K11.