Founded in 2001, Kloset’s designs are for those who are strongly passionate about fashion. Kloset originates and maintains its base in Thailand where the inspiration of the collection embraces the culture’s whimsy and playfulness. An obsession for all things hand-made founder and designer, Mollika Ruangkritya, first discovered her talents as a little girl when she began cultivating her skills by making dolls, toys, headbands, and reconstructing old things. Today her childlike-endearment is the main source of inspiration for Kloset’s creations.With craftsmanship in design, including special and traditional stitching and embroidery, Kloset is original. Handcrafted details add to each collection including lace nets, low gauge knits, and ribbon tape. These feminine features are also seen in Kloset’s accessories, which add sweet and gentle touches to each collection.It’s been a decade since the first store’s opening and more have opened since creating a triumphant mark for Kloset internationally and in the Asian fashion market.

Available at Liger Paterson and Liger K11.